Monday, March 3, 2008

Spray paint the Love

Apart from February 14th being Valentine’s Day and the day my car registration was to be paid by, it was also the Stencil and Street Art Night! Not only were we drawing and cutting out our own stencils and spray painting the design or picture we were also being fed by Reeham who made a delicious Egyptian dish for us. Amanda ran through how we draw and cut out stencils and how we use spray paint. We had a little workstation set up outside with the spray paint and plastic sheets on the floor. This week we were joined by Ramla, Nadia and baby Luqman, Hella and Isma. The girls came up with awesome, individual and creative stencils; Zeina spray painted an intricate zebra print in a few different colours, Sumaya designed some Islamic stencils and flowery patterns, Pesuri and Isma stencilled their names abstractly, Sara started a trend with her starry lightning bolt, Hella stencilled her name in Arabic, Nadia stencilled an artistic hut, Faza worked on a beautiful design involving hair and butterflies, Rumla spray painted a calm stencil of a person sitting down, I showed some defiance with my spray painted fist and Jasmine spelt out ‘love’. We sat down to think of a name. It took a few workshops and long discussions on Facebook and via email but success finally followed! Lisa unveiled the name ‘Crooked Rib’ the following morning.

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