Monday, March 3, 2008

Recyclable Patterns

We were thinking patterns on the following Thursday as well as ideas for our individual pieces. The 21st of February workshop consisted of Lamees, Isma, Nadia, Hella, Veronika and I sorting out all the little bits and pieces of plastic and recycled everyday items Amanda had bought along into coloured piles. Meanwhile, Sumaya, Humeyra, Faza, Reeham and Pesuri worked out the design on the floor with pieces of string and sticky tape. While some of us filled in the design on the floor with designs made out of the bits and pieces of plastic and recycled items, others discussed their project ideas with Amanda. After we had arranged the colour coded bits and pieces as patterns on the floor, at the end of the session, we packed up the pieces by satisfyingly running through the design and messing up the pattern. We had taken pictures of it beforehand so it was all documented. Lisa brought in a macro SLR camera lens and Humeyra, Sara, Nadia and I had fun playing around with it. The world is so detailed through a macro lens!

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