Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cooking Our Ideas Together

As we all stood around eating delicious A1 bakery pies, we were laughing hysterically both in embarrassment & amazement over last week’s pattern photography workshop – which involved about ten to fifteen of us girls standing in a group and making pattern formations – attempting to reflect those of various Islamic patterns and designs. The outcome of that workshop was definitely a success, as the developed photos looked sensational.

Next on the agenda was our preparation for the following week, which was our studio photo shoot in Brunswick. We all sat around in a circle and mainly brainstormed different ideas we wanted to convey both individually and as a group about how we wanted the world to view us. Many of us wanted to display different aspects of our characteristics. While others just wanted to show their hobbies and interests through the use of props and special effects. Some of the props we will be bringing along to the shoot include skateboards, musical instruments, photographs, old tattered clothes, sporting gear, corporate clothing and ‘Abbayas’ - or full covering traditional Islamic garments.

To try and work as efficiently as possible in the limited timeframe given in the studio, we have all been assigned ten-minute time slots, in which to do our individual photos and our group photo will be pushed forward towards the end of the workshop. Hopefully by then everyone would have arrived! ;-)

Great brainstorming today people! Looking forward to next week :D

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