Monday, March 3, 2008

Introductions, Ideas and all that Jazz

Ross House in Flinders Lane was the home of the very first 2008 Creative Art Project meeting. We all sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and very shortly after initial hesitations, we were involved in a discussion based on identity, how we define ‘Australian’, our hopes for the project, views of the Melbournian Muslim Community, multiculturalism and fruit salad. Lisa scribbled down our ideas and opinions as fast as she could on the whiteboard while Reeham, Sumaya, Zeina, Sara, Faza, Jasmine, Amanda, Manal, Veronika and I discussed away. After a short tea break we all decided for the project to consist of both individual and group art pieces, depending on what each person decides to do. We also agreed that a combination and compilation of different mediums will endeavour to be used and explored during the weekly workshops giving everybody opportunities to try out new things and come up with ideas for their final pieces.

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