Monday, March 3, 2008

“And Shake your Hips”

Thursday the 7th of February we celebrated the beginning of Feb with the Music and Rhythm workshop. We had an awesome array of all kinds of musical genres. From Arabic music to rock to the Beatles to Cuban beats. Lamees brought a belly dancing belt and we all got creative. Jasmine showed us her music collection while Faza and Reeham cartwheeled and posed for Sara and her camera mid-jump in the air. There were belly dancing classes going on and Humeyra photographed Lameese showing us how to do the Lebanese dabke. Pesuri and Faza got ‘fully sick’ with breakdancing poses as I constantly snacked and Reeham frantically tried to find some breakdancing beats on her MP3. Our workshop ended at 8pm as the Hub was booked by the Rowing Club. As we watched the members of the Rowing Club walk in quite puzzled as to why there was a bunch of Muslim girls taking photos of Muslim girls in breakdancing poses, we decided to decide on a name for our project next week.

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