Monday, March 3, 2008

Painting the town red (with Henna)

The move to our new home the Hub at Docklands took place on Thursday 31st of January. It was our first ‘real’ workshop and the theme was ‘henna’. Sara, Lamees, Reeham, Humeyra and I walked from the Southern Cross airport-looking station to Docklands and right past the Hub until someone pointed it out to us. Amanda had bought some henna tubes from the halal butcher and Faza had printed out some designs. We drew all over each other, ourselves and on clear sheets of plastic. Zeina decorated Lisa’s arm. We took photos and posed for photos with the cardboard-people and ate fruit, cheese and crackers and cake. Lisa reminded us our project was still without a name and we needed to conjure one up quickly so that in meetings with the City of Melbourne she could refer to us by name instead of ‘the creative project group’. After cleaning the henna off ourselves, and certain areas of the carpet, we sat down and discussed names. The verdict: we’ll sleep on it and work on it next week. Perhaps the Music and Rhythm workshop would inspire a name.

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