Monday, March 3, 2008

Each a Style to their Own

The 24th of January saw us back at Ross House, this time with Zeina, Sara, Sumaya, Faza, Reeham, Marym, Amanda and I bringing along items which inspired us, artwork we painted or drew, images we found beautiful and interesting, photos taken by us or others and magazines and books which showcased all types of art and expression. It was great seeing what motivates and inspires everyone and the art created by the girls. What became apparent was the difference in the kind of style and art that the girls enjoyed and employed, which was cool. Amanda showed us pictures of work by artists in different styles and genres and after class some of us checked out one of her recently finished street art pieces in the CBD. One thing I realised and really enjoyed during this meeting was the difference in creativity of each of us who attended and that there are different reasons why people produce the work that they do, whether it be painting or photography or graphic design. We couldn’t wait to get stuck in to something the next week!

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