Friday, April 18, 2008

Label Me

At this week's workshop we played around with the idea of 'labels.'
We wrote stuff down on sticky labels and had a bit of an impromptu "photoshoot" (in the terribly lit meeting room) which turned out quite well.
Our labels represent the way we see ourselves, whether it be serious or silly, and the way outsiders might view us.

Check out the photos here.



Loz said...

I really loved how these photos came out!

The concepts and labels each of the girls thought up were genius. Not to mention the quality of the photography ;)

Great work Chikas!!

P.s. I love the new 'Crooked Rib' logo!

Pez said...

It started as stereotypes people have on us. It then progressed to words of what we think of ourselves. There were some really witty as well as 'deep' labels.
I'm glad the workshop was photographed!

Sarah said...

The spelling error was intentional