Monday, May 5, 2008

Taking Shape

The last two workshops were all about Crooked Rib's taking shape into becoming...Crooked Rib!

We took our gear back to Stellar Images studio one last time to give it our best shot. Costumes, maps, books, fliers, fabric, light projectors, you name it, it was all there for photographing our tweaked self expressions. Thank you photo studio people =)

Last stop we had was back at The Hub for further discussion in a 'where to from here?' format, over scrumptious Lebanese cuisine. Basically each one finalizing what they'd like to do for the gig, while trying to intensely discuss self-purpose AND appear relatively normal for the duration of Hella's video filming of us! (Cameo appearance by Hella).

Photos by Pamela Kleemann


Mahri said...

I really enjoyed last week's workshop.
We all discussed our individual projects with eachother and brainstormed some ideas on how we could improve the concepts we already had.
I love our group because we are all so honest and supportive of one another. Although we are all from different backgrounds in education, experience, and interests we are still able to connect so well.
I'm really looking forward to working with you all and achieving something great!

Special thanks to Lisa, Amanda and Veronica for being so supportive and understanding as always!

Loz said...

I agree Mahri! I love our group.
I also love the images above.
Great work girls!