Monday, April 7, 2008

Like a Tiger

Thursday 13th of March saw the Crooked Rib crew at a different location at 5:30pm (muslim time... meaning 5:45pm). “Steller Images” in Brunswick was our temporary home. It was a scorching hot day, but we all showed up in style, donning either abbayahs for the group shot or our outfits for our individual shots.

A creative vibe was in the air as each of the girls modelled their unique ideas in front of the cameras. There were campers and backpackers, musicians, tomato paste spillage, silly string, party poppers, scarves thrown around and others being worn, dancing, colourful paper designs and bold statements and words being projected.

Although being a model was fun, it turned out not as glamorous as once thought. We ended the shoot as the sky darkened with group shots. We modelled ‘asian pose (peace sign)’, ‘asian laugh (shy giggle behind our hands)’ and ‘be a tiger’ as a group in our tradition black Arabian abbayahas.

Like a tiger? Yes we are.

(image of Hella by Sara)

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