Wednesday, April 9, 2008


There's something about using a badge as a silent device to voice an expression whether it's an identity, an opinion, a concern, a thought or simply a question. It's versatility in fashion, campaigning or just collecting makes it a tempting area of fun exploration that we just couldn't miss out on!
Todays session was all about playful zoom-in on pattern, text, and color as a focus on our just-for-fun moods!


ozy said...

Hey those look really interesting. Maybe you can also include what they mean, for the non-Muslim readers :D


Loz said...

Thanks Ozy :)

Most of them are actually in English, the one with black arabic writing on a white background with an orange border writes "salam" which is Arabic for 'peace'.

I'm not sure what the green one with a blue background says, but the orange badge says 'believe' and the one with black writing and a green background says 'earth'.

I love the different ideas and vibrancy!