Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Wall Within

My project - 'The Wall Within' is based predominantly on the visual response of people towards the The Wall. What 'Wall' you ask? -- The project’s title ‘The Wall Within’ is a play on words from the phrase: ‘The War Within’ – which reflect the walls or barriers we have within all of us, and the ongoing struggle to overcome our fears and inner conflicts.

So what I will need is the contribution of all your creative minds! Just dig deep down for any photos of walls which you might have taken in the past, or get your camera lens ready for any interesting walls that you might come across.

Just remember, the main visual theme of my project is walls with flaws, fractures or cracks

I have set up a flickr group for those of you who have a Flickr account and can join my group: or alternatively please email me the photos:

Thanks guys! And I'm looking forward to seeing those awesome images soon :)

*Here is the disclaimer you need to be aware of - in case you wanted to forward this on to others not involved in the creative project.

'With your permission, a selection of these images will be displayed in the exhibition Crooked Rib at Gallery: 15W on William Street, Melbourne from 2nd to 23rd of October, 2008. Please inform me if you would not like your photos displayed publicly.'


P.S. I've also attached an image I have received so far as contribution to my you get the idea :)

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